Monday, December 21, 2009

New Smoker

I graduated from the Brinkman bullet smoker to a new Oklahoma Joe's model horizontal smoker with a firebox on the side. I didn't get it home until late in the afternoon, but set-up was a breeze since it was already assembled.

My good friend Scott helped me haul it to the backyard, and he insisted we christen it immediately. I got a fir going and threw on some chunks of pork shoulder I had left from making sausage.

I pulled them off earlier than I would have normally, but it was past dinner time, and we were all hungry.

It ended up as chopped rather than pulled pork, but with a little mustard and vinegar based sauce, and a hot buttered bun, the taste was incredible, and I couldn't wait to get the smoker into action again.

The smoker ended up working flawlessly. The metal is a heavy gauge, so it holds the heat well, and stays at a constant temperature for about 90-120 minutes with no tinkering. It also fills the whole backyard with great smelling pecan smoke. I hope my neighbors are appreciative.

- BBQ Snob


Michael H said...

Where did you acquire this lovely device?

Don O. said...

hah. We have 2 briskets on our bullet right now. Tis the season....

Aztec Anglers said...

I have a 10 year old Oklahoma Joes that I really love. No offense but back with New Braunfels owned and built this they were made much better with heavier gauge 3/16-1/4 inch iron. The smoker should work good for you but it is definitely thinner metal. The true test will be when you do something like a fresh bone in ham ( which I highly suggest ) and you have to smoke for 15-17 hours. I hope it will hold the heat for you. Best of luck.


BBQ Snob said...

I picked this model up at Academy Sports & Outdoors in Dallas.


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