Sunday, March 13, 2011

First Chinese BBQ

When I was visiting Crossroads Smokehouse in Arlington, Brent Deen mentioned a great place for barbecued duck down the road, if I was up for some multi-cultural BBQ. After a failed stop at the already closed T-Bones BBQ across the street, I wheeled into the First Chinese BBQ parking lot.

Just inside the doors is a glass case displaying options that range from calamari to smoked pork and whole ducks. Ducks are available whole or halved. Half a duck was more than I could eat, so I watched as the man chopped earnestly with swift strikes from a cleaver until the half duck was separated into easily handled morsels.

Duck fat is silky smooth, and this stuff was perfectly rendered. Incredibly moist and flavorful meat clung to the remaining bones beneath crispy skin. I had to remind myself of the remaining BBQ stops I had on the day, or I may have finished it off. It's been a few years, but this was reminiscent of the duck I had at another location of First Chinese BBQ in Richardson. I'd suggest getting a half duck to start, or you may find yourself rather full after eating a whole duck on your own.

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Steven said...

This is a fantastic place. Their BBQ sliced pork is awesome. Try their beef lo mein. It's a must when we visit.

MRL said...

The thing that worries me about this place and others in the area: who is their meat supplier? I'll try it as long as it's not the Asian grocery store next door, which is dirty and has a terrible inspection record. At least they have in years past, it's been in the news. The meat department was just plain scary the last time I was there and the odor was unbelievable.

Anonymous said...

CASH ONLY... Duck was quite good. Had some of the roast pig, it was asian bbq sweet and fairly moist. Great find, I'll be going back when I need a duck fix.


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