Thursday, October 8, 2009

Loco Coyote Cafe

GLEN ROSE: Loco Coyote Café
1795 County Road
Glen Rose, TX 77713

Open Thur 5-8, F 4-9, Sat 12-9, Sun 11-3

On a rainy day, the family headed out to BFE with some friends to get some dessert after feasting at Hammond's in downtown Glen Rose. I, of course, was planning to order a combo plate all along. I just didn't know what kind of portions I'd be up against. The Loco Coyote is definitely out of the way, and it has some out of the way accommodations as well. The floor is dirt covered in sawdust, seating is at picnic tables, and nose powdering is done in an outhouse.

Each dessert order was followed by an inquisitive yell from our less than polished server to his cohorts in the corner. "Do we have (blank)!" After our choices were narrowed we settled on blackberry cobbler, banana pudding, and a $16 combo plate (the only combo option) of brisket, ribs and sausage.

The meats are smoked over a mixture of mesquite and pecan, and they're left on long enough to soak up plenty of smoke flavor. The brisket was sliced so thick each slice must have weighed in at 1/2 lb each. The slices from the flat cut were all tender with a nice line of rendered fat along the edge. A robust beefyness melded well with the smokiness and the salty rub. The giant spare ribs were even bigger, and three of them were piled on top. The meat took some effort to get off the bone, but it was worth it. The crust was well formed on the firm meat with layers of nicely rendered fat throughout the meat. Sausage was good if unremarkable. It may have just paled next to the superior options on the plate.

Sides were not memorable, but the desserts were great homemade versions of Texas classics. A huge dish of sweet blackberry cobbler came with a crumbly crust and a scoop of (not Blue Bell) ice cream. Banana pudding that could serve three was served in Mason jar, and was full of banana slices and still firm Nilla wafers.

Lines can be long here given the limited seating, but we had no trouble at 3:00 in the afternoon. If you can get beyond the spotty service by the not so knowledgeable staff, the high prices, and the far away location, you'll be able to enjoy great food in huge portions.

Rating ****
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Anonymous said...

Great food but horribly rude owner.

Anonymous said...

The food is ok. The service is completely worthless. Rudeness seems to be the name of the game at this place

Anonymous said...

I being a waiter there once myself knows what they go through. If it's not one thing someone needs its something else. They probably get tired of the assholes complaining that there is a pickle on their salad or something like "I did not know that a chicken fried steak had gravy, I must have a new one!" It's not the servers who are worthless, it's the people who act worthless that make them worthless. The owners are very sweet people but when you go to pay and have some kind of negative remark to say what do you want them to say? "Okay thank you for putting my business down, come again!" The place has 20 tables for 600 people in four to see some of the people who complain try that job. There are plenty of people who love it.

Thank you very much

BBQ Snob said...

That comment seems to sum up the general attitude of the staff at this joint. Thanks for clearing that up, Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Just ran across this review while searching the bbq joints.

The former waiter is spot-on with his remarks. I have never been a waiter there, but have been a customer a few times, and each time have had impeccable service. Loco Coyote is not a typical restaurant, nor should it be considered one. The customers make the service, not the other way around. Come down off your high horse, "Snob" (how fitting a name!).

Anonymous said...

I love this place! If ya take care your wait person, they take care of you!

Anonymous said...

I loved this place. Yes they are very busy and that may be some of the reason for negative comments. Food is great, portions huge and staff was good to me.

Papa Tom

Anonymous said...

Hey I worked there to for a long time. Anonymous is rite. Yall try waiting on a shit load of tables all day its not as easy as it seems. And if y'all have a problem with it then don't go there. They have plenty of people that come there that they won't be sad if y'all don't come. Get over it

Anonymous said...

LOVE THIS PLACE! The service is always great, the food even better. I just wish I lived closer so I could eat there more, then again i'd probably be overweight!

-Andrews, TX

*To the waiters posting on here, keep on keeping on. I've waited table for 6 years, everyone should have to do it once in there life.

Anonymous said...

I have not eaten here yet, but we have plans to tonight and I thought I'd check up on the place. I have had leftovers brought to me and they were just OK. Hoping fresh is better. Kind of turned off by the former waiters who seem to think being busy is an excuse for being rude. Waiting tables comes with challenges and you really have to be a people person and pretend you are enjoying it even if you are not. Can't do that? Don't wait tables. I'm sure the owners of the place would rather not here of you telling people not to come if they do not want to deal with the rudeness. And the owners themselves should be able to take criticism and use it to make improvements. If you do not complain about something, how can you ever expect it to improve? Needless to say I am not going in with high expectations now.

hollywoodgirl said...

Good for you! Most. People wouldn't last as a server for 10 minutes! I worked many years ago at farmers grill. In dallas farmers market. Our tables turned over 5 or more times at bfast and lunch. Oh and if you don't like a laid back. Out in the sticks. Bbq place go to riskys. In the stockyards.

hollywoodgirl said...

If you went injan. It should not have been busy. The food. Is the best bbq in tx. The owners are nice as pie. And we can ride our motorcycles up to th e front door. The wait staff is great. Hope you changed your mind.

Anonymous said...

who the hell is bbq snob? probably someone that thinks he knows everything about BBQ and dont know jack.more than likely he is not even from Texas,he most likely drinks Heineken beer, wears his shorts with his white socks pulled up to his knees, and wears a fanny pack. yes i know your kind, you need to stick with judging quiche. go back home where you came from in new jersey......

Anonymous said...

hey BBQ snob . your no daisy... your no daisy at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Each joint is judged on the essence of Texas 'cue...sliced brisket and pork ribs. Sausage is only considered if house made. Sauce is good, but good meat needs no adornment to satisfy. Each review can only be based on specific cuts of meat on that particular day. Finally, if the place fries up catfish or serves a caesar salad, then chances are they aren't paying enough attention to the pits, so we mostly steered clear.