Friday, November 20, 2009

BBQ Pitmasters on TLC

A new show entitled BBQ Pitmasters will air eight episodes on TLC beginning on December 3rd. As reported by, "Three of the cooks featured in the series are from North Texas, including one from Fort Worth. Jamie Geer, owner of Jambo Pits, a Fort Worth company that sells custom smokers, is in the show, as are Paul Petersen, the executive chef at Rick’s Chop House in McKinney, and Johnny Trigg, considered the 'godfather of barbecue' from Alvarado." You know I'll be tuning in.

- BBQ Snob


Don O. said...

cool. Thanks for the heads up.

Unknown said...

why did Jack's old sout get DQ'd

BBQ Snob said...

They were DQ'd because they were competing under the same name at a different competition at the same time. This gives an unfair advantage since each team accumulates points at each event, so J.O.S. was collecting world championship points at two simultaneous events.


Each joint is judged on the essence of Texas 'cue...sliced brisket and pork ribs. Sausage is only considered if house made. Sauce is good, but good meat needs no adornment to satisfy. Each review can only be based on specific cuts of meat on that particular day. Finally, if the place fries up catfish or serves a caesar salad, then chances are they aren't paying enough attention to the pits, so we mostly steered clear.