Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Texas Pit BBQ

SAGINAW: Texas Pit Bar-B-Q
324 S. Saginaw Blvd.
Saginaw, TX 76179
Open M-Sat 11-9

This joint has a sports bar feel to it with televisions on most walls and dark booths in the dining room. Orders are taken at the back of the restaurant, and meats are carved while you watch and wait. I ordered the standard two meat plate with brisket and ribs, and opted for okra and green beans for sides. The container was a thing of beauty with every ingredient having its place on the well composed presentation.

Beyond the plate, I noticed the deep, rich color of the crust on both brisket and ribs. The brisket crust almost cracked between my teeth as they sunk into the moist tender meat. The seasoning in the rub coupled with the high level of smokiness as evidenced by the bright red smoke ring, created an excellent BBQ flavor. The ribs also looked great with red meat beneath that crust. The meat was also moist with rendered fat throughout, but the robust flavor evident in the beef was missing here. Both sides were great, as was the bread. I can't wait to get back to get some more of that brisket.

Rating ***
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Each joint is judged on the essence of Texas 'cue...sliced brisket and pork ribs. Sausage is only considered if house made. Sauce is good, but good meat needs no adornment to satisfy. Each review can only be based on specific cuts of meat on that particular day. Finally, if the place fries up catfish or serves a caesar salad, then chances are they aren't paying enough attention to the pits, so we mostly steered clear.