Tuesday, September 23, 2008

McBee's Bar-B-Q

HONDO: McBee’s Bar-B-Q
1301 19th St.

Hondo, TX 78861


Open Sun & Tue-Thur 10:30-6:30, F-Sat 10:30-8:30

Update: This joint is CLOSED.

2008: McBee's is right off the highway, and it was a welcome respite from the road. The meat is displayed prominently in a glass case at the counter, and it looked great. I ordered brisket and ribs. It took some restraint not to order one of everything. The spare ribs were enormous with a heavy salt and pepper rub. The flavor of the thin meat at the skinny end of the rib was masked by the rub, but the rub complimented the well-crusted thicker meat well. The overall flavor of the meat was good with the salt permeating through, but it could have used more smoke. The ribs also needed more time on the smoker to provide more tenderness and well rendered fat. The brisket was also cut thick with an excellent crust. The same rub was used providing a good flavor, but there was still not enough smoke flavor. The fat on these thick slices was well rendered, and the meat was tender. I can't wait to get back here and try the rest of the menu.

Rating ***

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Anonymous said...

UrbanSpoon reports McBee's is closed? I'm taking a driving trip out west next week and was wanting to hit this place up, any idea whether it's still in operation?

BBQ Snob said...

Phone disconnected. They must have closed. You can always head down to Pleasnton to try the other McBee's.

Anonymous said...

Yep, just drove by Hondo, McBee's is no more.


Each joint is judged on the essence of Texas 'cue...sliced brisket and pork ribs. Sausage is only considered if house made. Sauce is good, but good meat needs no adornment to satisfy. Each review can only be based on specific cuts of meat on that particular day. Finally, if the place fries up catfish or serves a caesar salad, then chances are they aren't paying enough attention to the pits, so we mostly steered clear.